Why KTT Kang White the Smoothest Budget Linear?

                                                                                             Guess this brings us to the last reason why you should love these KTT Kang White switches. They are priced at a point that most 

                                                                                             people would consider negligible. Normally, thing like this is what we should would call “my sweet spot”. Come on, these keys feel

                                                                                             great! In retaining with KTT's philosophy of providing high-quality switches at a fair price. 

                                                                                             There is no rattle or scratchiness to it. Is it weird that the lack of scratchiness is now everyone's favorite part? Who knows? But

                                                                                             yeah, all in all we really think that KTT and everyone involved with the making of these switches did a great job.

                                                                                              If you're looking to upgrade from stock and are on a small budget, we highly recommend this switch [here].

                                                                                              and this is how it sounds like...